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» Posted on Nov 10, 2005 in Blog | 1 comment

It has been exciting this week at school to see my students writing short stories. A few grumbled but most dived right in and are coming up with some fun stories. Working with my students has made me go through the steps of putting a story together. It is good to revisit every once and a while. Remembering to write down character profiles, steps you want to take in coming up with the climax then the resolution. Even the idea of starting in the middle of a scene is good to remember in order to pull the reader into your story.

I have been emphasizing the five W’s of writing: who (the characters), where (setting), when, why and what (the plot). It is important to have those in each story, even a short one. Sometimes I don’t consciously set out with a certain theme in mind when I write a story, but all of my books have a strong theme (message) by the time I am through. Also, even discussing the rising action, climax, falling action and resolution is good for me in plotting my own book. So reviewing writing techniques should never get old even for a veteran writer.

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  1. Hi Margaret!

    It’s nice to revisit. Doesn’t it seem that each time you go back over it, the subject matter only become clearer or you see it in a new light?

    Like the blog.

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