This and that

» Posted on Oct 2, 2005 in Blog | Comments Off on This and that

I had surgery this week and I’m not recovering as quickly as I want. I don’t relax well and having to nap several times a day is against my work ethics. I’m going back to school tomorrow but I’m not sure if I can do 8 hours at first. Going to the grocery store exhausted me–and that was just an hour.

I want to thank everyone for their suggestions for a title. I got some good ones and have a long list I can turn in to my publisher. It will be their decision. The one I like the best and fits the book is Blind Trust. But the others on the list are:
In a Dark Woods She Saw (from a poem–I changed I to She)
Afraid of the Dark
Blind Faith (I like this but it sounds familiar)
Protecting Emma
Shadow of Death
Out of the Darkness
Eyes in the Dark
Blind Courage
Eyes of Danger
The Eyes of Truth
See No Evil (again this sounds familiar)
Blind Witness
Cloak of Evidence
Blind Evidence
Out of the Shadows

With the last title list I turned in, the title they went with wasn’t on it. I really wanted Heart of Darkness but that is a classic. They decided on Heart of the Amazon.