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» Posted on Oct 8, 2005 in Blog | 5 comments

I wrote ten pages today which for me is great!!! I only have 40-50 pages to go so I am near the end of the book. How do you write toward the end? When I get close to the end of my first draft, I charge ahead. Even though I should probably go back and look at some of what I’ve written, the quest for that last word in my story has started when I get to the last few chapters and I don’t want to take the time to read what I’ve written so far. I’m like a steamroller. This is where I am a seat of the pants, writer more than ever. I know my ending, but how I’m going to get there is a mystery and the fun of writing for me.

Today my characters reveal some of what was going to happen. I even have the next scene in my mind–actually I know what each scene will be in broad terms. But it’s the little things the characters do in those scenes that surprise me and keep the sparks flowing.

Does anyone want to share what they do when they see the end is near?


  1. When I see the end, I just keep writing until I get there. I pulled an all-nighter once because I was so close to ‘the end’ that I just couldn’t stop. Usually, this happens when I’m a chapter or two from finishing. I’d say once I’m within thirty pages, I’m ready to race for the finish and usually do. It helps that I write suspense, so the ending is usually exciting and frantic. So much fun to write!!

  2. I had my novel completed, packaged and was driving to the post office to send it to my agent when all of a sudden, I knew I had to change the ending. I went back home and rewrote the last two chapters. Is anyone truly happy with the way they end their books? I’ve read some horrible endings. . . ones that left me totally dissatisfied and I have to wonder if the author was just relieved to be finished.

  3. When nearing the end, I start throwing up onto the page. My prose is complete and utter poo-poo, but I’m so stoked to be nearing the finish line that I write some horribly nasty, trite things in order to get there.

    However, because I’m aware of my, er, “problem,” I make sure to go back and revise the ending. Extensively. As in, add several thousand words while hacking several thousand worse words.

  4. I’m glad to see others that race to the end when they get near it. It is exciting and one of the fun things about writing for me. Jessica, Shirlee and Camy, thanks for sharing.


  5. I “race for the finish line” too. It’s exciting to see the story wrap itself up. It’s like reading a good book, you can’t just put it down a few pages from the end!

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