Near the end

» Posted on Oct 8, 2005 in Blog | Comments Off on Near the end

I wrote ten pages today which for me is great!!! I only have 40-50 pages to go so I am near the end of the book. How do you write toward the end? When I get close to the end of my first draft, I charge ahead. Even though I should probably go back and look at some of what I’ve written, the quest for that last word in my story has started when I get to the last few chapters and I don’t want to take the time to read what I’ve written so far. I’m like a steamroller. This is where I am a seat of the pants, writer more than ever. I know my ending, but how I’m going to get there is a mystery and the fun of writing for me.

Today my characters reveal some of what was going to happen. I even have the next scene in my mind–actually I know what each scene will be in broad terms. But it’s the little things the characters do in those scenes that surprise me and keep the sparks flowing.

Does anyone want to share what they do when they see the end is near?