It’s Friday!!!

» Posted on Oct 14, 2005 in Blog | Comments Off on It’s Friday!!!

Okay, can you tell I am glad this work week is over with? Next week is fall break so I only work three days (or rather 2 1/2 since Tuesday will be an extra long day with parent conferences in the evening). When I talk about working, I’m talking about my teaching.

I don’t get a fall break with my writing. I have a rough draft to finish by next weekend. I’ll let you all know if I make it. It’s hard to write much during the work week. I get most of my writing done on the weekend. I do try to write a little every day or most days. That way I keep my mind focused on the story I’m writing at the moment. Once I finish the rough draft I will start plotting in my mind what to do with my next book even though I won’t put anything down on paper yet.

I have a friend who can write 20 or 30 pages in a day. She might work a day here or there then take time off for a while. I’m always telling her I am the tortoise to her hare. When she has a deadline she can produce a book in two or three weeks. Amazing. Even if I didn’t teach, I couldn’t because I can’t write like that. I’m steady and slow most of the time. I call 10 pages in one day a great day of writing.