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Here is part of a review of my October Love Inspired:
The Cinderella Plan will catch your heart. Ms. Daley has a flair for making her characters believable and lovable, even the troubled ones. I loved getting to know them and I have to say she wrote the teenagers perfectly. They were so much like the real thing that I could swear I heard their giggles. The vivid descriptions will stand out in your minds eye leaving you with a sense of belonging to the group. The manner in which she handled the growing affections of Caleb and Anne was truly inspirational. I would recommend this book to all my friends and matter of fact, I have.

Kim Swiderski
Writers Unlimited Reviewer

To read the whole review go to:
The Cinderella Plan review


  1. Way too go ;-D
    my mom read you book, and lovred it , as soon as I get done with the one I’m on i will read it!
    have a great weekend

  2. sorry about my writting teacher!

  3. Congrats, Margaret!

  4. Thanks, Camy and Janice.

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