Fall break

» Posted on Oct 16, 2005 in Blog | Comments Off on Fall break

The way our weather has been I should say summer break. It is going to be in the mid eighties again today. This week is our fall break and I will have several days off from school. Yeah!!!! I plan to finish my rough draft of Tidings of Joy and work on my new Love Inspired Suspense called Vanished.

This weekend I started exercising again. Since the start of school and my surgery I haven’t been working out so it felt good to get back to it. I love going for long walks and conversing with God. It is a great time to touch base with Him and to marvel anew at His creation. The leaves are starting to turn colors even though it is still so hot. There is one tree in my neighborhood that is a gorgeous red already. It takes my breath away. I love trees that turn a red color. The ones in my yard either go from green to brown or a dull yellow.

A program I would like to recommend is Commander in Chief about a woman president. Very good so far. The cast is good and I like the concept.