» Posted on Oct 5, 2005 in Blog | Comments Off on Covers

How much do covers influence you in the bookstore? Do you buy a book because of its cover? Do you pick up a book you normally wouldn’t because of its cover? Worse yet, do you stay away from a book because of its cover–don’t even pick it up and read the blurb?

These are questions I’ve been wondering because as any author I have had good covers, so so covers and bad covers. Also as an author we usually don’t have a lot of control over the covers. With my publisher I make suggestions of scenes and items to stress, but that doesn’t mean my suggestions will be taken.

What attracts you to a certain cover? A landscape? A certain item like a swing set? Or people? Do certain colors attract you more than others. I am attracted by vivid colors. I don’t particularly like people on the covers. I would rather get a sense of what the book will be about from the cover. Usually people don’t give me a sense of that. With the new Love Inspired Suspense covers I feel a sense of danger and suspense from their landscape covers and their use of color.