Where Are You?

» Posted on Sep 4, 2005 in Blog | 1 comment

Where are you, Bobbie Thibodeaux? She lives along the Gulf Coast in Mississippi and is a romance writer. I’m worried about her. No one has heard from her in the writing groups I’m a part of. She is special to me because she was my teacher at Biloxi High School. She taught English and was the sponsor of the yearbook. If anyone has heard from her, please let me know.

If you want to help the victims of Katrina, you might consider sending your money to the Salvation Army at P. O. Box 4857 in Jackson, Mississippi, 39296-4857. When Camille (category 5 hurricane) hit Biloxi in 1969, my mother worked as a nurse for the school system and had to work closely with relief groups. She only had wonderful things to say about the Salvation Army and their response to a disaster and getting items to the people who needed them.

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  1. I second your mother’s opinion of the Salvation Army. I volunteered down at their headquarters here in San Antonio on Friday, and I’m awed by it. They are amazing.

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