The Cinderella Plan

» Posted on Sep 14, 2005 in Blog | 2 comments

My October Love Inspired will soon be hitting the shelves. It is part of the Tiny Blessings continuity series.
The back blurb for THE CINDERELLA PLAN:
To: Rachel, Pilar, Meg

From: Anne

Re: Fall carnival update!

I couldn’t believe it when the girls from the teen center transformed me into a lovely Cinderella for the fund-raising photos…but then to have youth minister Caleb Williams as my Prince Charming? You know I have a huge crush on him! Every time I see him — at the hospital or Tiny Blessings — I can barely manage to string two words together, and he’s always sweet to me. I think the makeover made him see me differently, but I don’t think he’d ever date someone as plain — and lacking in faith — as me. Even so, a woman can dream, can’t she?


  1. I love your books but im unable to get the Cinderella Plan is there anyway to get one?

  2. Thank you for your kind words concerning my books. You can purchase The Cinderella Plan through a bookstore or online at or (click on Steeple Hill then do a search for my name). If you can’t get one, please let me know at

    Margaret Daley

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