New Orleans

» Posted on Sep 1, 2005 in Blog | Comments Off on New Orleans

I was going to write about writing today but I’m moved to write again about Hurricane Katrina and the victims in New Orleans. The pictures and stories I’m hearing are awful. One man is blogging from downtown New Orleans and he says it is a war zone outside with looting, murders and rapes going on. It is lawless. The last I read on his blog the military are moving in and hopefully there will be some relief from the people who are acting like animals. Another person who was helping the victims brought to the hospital in a town north of New Orleans talked about one man who died because someone shot him for his boat. We have had other hurricanes strike the United States, but I don’t remember this kind of behavior on such a large scale. I can’t believe it!!!

Please, Lord, protect the good people of New Orleans who are desperately trying to survive and get to safety. Help them to find the help they need. Please put an end to this savagery on the part of some who have taken this tragedy to a new level. Amen