» Posted on Aug 20, 2005 in Blog | Comments Off on Revisions

If you are a writer, you have done revisions. They are a necessary part of writing. I just finished doing my revisions for a book I just sold–the fifth story in the Ladies of Sweetwater Lake Series. It will be out next October 2006 and it is titled Tidings of Joy. This is Tanya’s story and the last one in the series.

I look at revisions as a giant puzzle with pieces that have to be moved around, some pieces added, some discarded. It is challenging to do them and figure out a way to do what your editor wants. Some revisions are picky and easy to fix. Others are much harder and require throwing out a scene or part of a scene. That’s hard to do because every word you write is precious to you.

I’ve learned revisions are good for a story. It’s nice to have another person read your story and see where the holes may be that you’ve missed. Sometimes we’re so close to our stories we don’t always see what is lacking. So when an editor ask you to revise, smile and get writing.