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» Posted on Aug 9, 2005 in Blog | 3 comments

I’m not counting or anything but we have 44 days until fall. Okay, maybe I did count but I’m so tired of hot, sticky weather. Where’s the crisp fall air when you need it. What do you like about summer? I do like being out of school, sleeping late or staying up late (I sound like a teenager!). I do like the flowers that bloom and the extra daylight. But I hate the mosquitoes that love to feast on me. Yesterday I went outside for a moment and I got three bites. I didn’t realize mosquitoes had a way to relay the fact I was outside but they must. I can picture one of the little bugs with a trumpet in its small mouth, announcing to the rest of the mosquitoes that Margaret Daley is outside and come and get her. Does anyone have a remedy for the itching bites? Short of staying inside, I don’t know what to do about the mosquito problem. Hey, that doesn’t even work. Somehow they get inside and find me!


  1. Margaret, before you go outside, mix some water with sss (skin so soft) on you and they wouldn’t bite,

  2. Thanks, Janice. I’ll try that. I’m desperate. I like to go outside. It’s even hard to work outside in the yard.

  3. As an avid gardener I’ve found a secret to repeling bites. :0) Those pesky biters, chiggers, mosquitoes and even ticks are offended by garlic. Sounds weird but true. I take a odorless, tastless garlic tablet (I use Kwai but other cheaper brands work.) You take the tablet about 20 min. before going out and approx. every 4 hours afterward. Will they still bite? Sometimes but the sting is not there and the whelp disappears shortly. (If I know I’m going to be mowing or in peak times of the pest I will spray Deep Woods Off around ankles too as added precaution)
    If you’ve not done the above and you get a bite that swells and itches use some “Boil Ease” on a bandaid and the bite will be comforted almost immediately because it has a medicine that numbs as well as draws)
    Oh, and Lavendar oil (edible kind you find at healthfood stores) diluted in a small spray bottle is good to spray your face. Old fashioned remedy that refreshes as well as repels. Jan

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