Pesky bugs

» Posted on Aug 9, 2005 in Blog | Comments Off on Pesky bugs

I’m not counting or anything but we have 44 days until fall. Okay, maybe I did count but I’m so tired of hot, sticky weather. Where’s the crisp fall air when you need it. What do you like about summer? I do like being out of school, sleeping late or staying up late (I sound like a teenager!). I do like the flowers that bloom and the extra daylight. But I hate the mosquitoes that love to feast on me. Yesterday I went outside for a moment and I got three bites. I didn’t realize mosquitoes had a way to relay the fact I was outside but they must. I can picture one of the little bugs with a trumpet in its small mouth, announcing to the rest of the mosquitoes that Margaret Daley is outside and come and get her. Does anyone have a remedy for the itching bites? Short of staying inside, I don’t know what to do about the mosquito problem. Hey, that doesn’t even work. Somehow they get inside and find me!