» Posted on Aug 30, 2005 in Blog | Comments Off on Katrina

I really like the name Katrina. I’m sorry it is such a destructive hurricane. I grew up in Biloxi and my heart and prayers go out to the people in the path of the hurricane. I have gone through several of them and they can be so scary, not just because of the high winds but the water and tornadoes that accompany a hurricane. I remember having to drive to Mobile in a hurricane (not from but toward one–forgot the hurricane’s name) and there were times I had to pull over on Interstate 10 because the rain was coming down so hard I couldn’t see more than a foot or so in front of my car. Or the time we fled the coast because a hurricane was coming and being in bumper to bumper traffic for hours and hours (when it should have only been two hours at most) in order to get to my grandmother’s in a safer area of Mississippi. The worse part is that this might not be the last one of the season which goes to November. Please keep the victims of Katrina in your prayers.