First day of school

» Posted on Aug 18, 2005 in Blog | 3 comments

Today was the first day the students came back to school. I really enjoyed the students I have in my classes. There were a few students not there which was sad. I was looking forward to teaching them. And as usual the day was hectic with new students lost and people trying to get their schedules changed. High school has changed since I was in school. Girls can wear pants (even shorts) and we couldn’t. We had to wear a dress and it couldn’t be shorter than our knees. Boy, have things changed there! The food in the cafeteria is so much better. There really was a meat that was a mystery to the ones brave enough to eat it when I was in school. Now the kids get pizza delivered from Mazzio’s and sandwiches from Subway, not to mention a lot of other different kinds of choices I never had. Choice wasn’t part of the menu when I went to school. How was your high school? Any changes?


  1. when I was in grade school we had no choices, on any thing, when I was in 3rd or 4th grade school, I got in trouble for having on a shirt that had a baseball # on it
    and as for the food you had to eat what they gave you, but when I got to high school if you had the money you could eat in the snack food bar, back then that was cool!

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience, Janice. It sounds like mine.


  3. LOL Well, my high school was different. I was home schooled. So, there were many days I wore my PJ’s to class. *g*

    And we ate whatever mom or we made for lunch. would occasionally go get a burger or something.

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