Willie Wonka

» Posted on Jul 22, 2005 in Blog | 3 comments

I saw the new version the other day and although it was fine as a movie, I love the original one more. Johnny Depp was all right in this movie, but there was something missing that I got from the first one. I supposed you could say it’s vision. There was a lesson to be learned like the original, but I liked the moral of that story better. The set was grand and interesting visually. Has anyone else seen it? What did you feel? Have you seen the original one with Gene Wilder?


  1. Margaret,
    I have seen both verisons and can’t help thinking that the one with Gene Wilder was way so much better.. I got kind of bored with the one with Johnny Depp.. The original one has such great memories as a child .. I can remember that every Easter it would come on and we would sit as a family and watch it.. plus the music was so much better in the original.. hugs Alley

  2. Margaret, I agree with you 100%. My husband and I went to see it, and I was not thrilled with it. There were some interesting parts incorporated into it; for example, it gave us a little more insight into Willy’s past. I thought it was odd that they decided to have a Mr. Bucket this time around, and I honestly loved the origional Grandpa Joe better. The eye candy was OK, but they changed so many of the things we love about the origional. Squirels??? Please!!! That was not cute, IMHO.

    Anyway, there’s my $0.02 for ya!!

  3. I haven’t seen the new one. But I love the original. It’s my favorite movie of all time. I want to see it though, just to see how Johnny Depp pulls it off

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