I’m Back!

» Posted on Jul 13, 2005 in Blog | 4 comments

Despite Hurricane Dennis being between me and my home, I’m back. And hopefully I won’t have anymore problems with my computer. I didn’t know how hard it can be to be without my computer for 12 days. I have such a routine that involves using my computer that not having it really threw me off. Oh, well, the upside was I read several books while on vacation and waiting for my computer to be fixed. I read another James Rollins’ book, Sandstorm, which was great. I have now read all of his books and it probably won’t be for another year until he has a new book out. Rats! He tells such an exciting, suspenseful story, full of adventure.


  1. Margaret, So glad that your computer is up and running.. I know what that is like when they had trouble with my internet connection..lol.. some one unscrewed the wire on the pole.. tok them a month to figure that one out.. So glad that you had a good vacation.. I never read his books.. have to get one and check it out.. wanted to say hi sinceI dont get on alot like I used to..
    good news on my son’s eye.. the hole in his eye is completely healed and very little scar tissue.. his vision is back..what a mess that was.. lol.. I will need a vacation before the summer is out.. I start college in less then a month and nervous as a chicken without a head..lol.. Hope that you relax and take care and stay safe.. hugs Alley

  2. ps/… glad Dennis didnt drown you.. praying that Emily misses you.. I’ll blow it the other way..

  3. Margaret,
    GLAD that you are back ;-D
    missed ya

  4. Thanks, Janice and Alley.

    Alley, so glad your son is better. Good news.


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