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I recently got back from a vacation in Aruba. The water is wonderful and the people are so nice and friendly. I really enjoyed myself once I got there. Getting there was a whole different story. We were delayed in Dallas and didn’t make our connection in Miami so we had to stay overnight in Miami and we almost a day late starting our vacation. When you only get one week a year, a day can really make a difference. What is different about Aruba from most of the other islands I have been to in the Caribbean is that it is largely desert–cacti everywhere. We took a Jeep to the part of the island that has no paved roads. Jarring but a neat ride. We went snorkeling and saw a ship that had been sunk in World War II–a supply ship that serviced the U-boats in the area. I saw some really beautiful fish and the hotel beach on its private island had seven flamingos just walking around mingling with the people. I have pictures. (If I can get them scanned into my computer, I will put one on my web site.) That was the highlight of my trip. They were beautiful!