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» Posted on Jun 5, 2005 in Blog | 4 comments

I’m thinking of doing a rain dance. We haven’t had much rain this spring and are way behind in our total for the year. We aren’t even to the HOT days of July and August yet. So last night after our neighbor washed her car and we watered our yard, a large storm system moved through our area. It thundered almost all night but guess what? We got a sprinkling of rain–that’s all! So anyone know an effective rain dance.

I told my husband yesterday after he watched our neighbor dispose of a LARGE snake in their yard that was the reason I don’t do yard work. I love a beautiful yard and enjoy being out in it, but I am not a gardener. In fact, I’ve killed a cactus by underwatering it.


  1. Margaret, I was thinking about doing a rain dance here, the only thing we got was wind, have you ever seen Man of the House, it has a part in it where they do a rain dance, and they got rain, snake in the yard isn’t as bad as one in the house!

  2. Dear Margaret,
    Didn’t you use that incident (underwatering a cactus) in your book – Light in the Storm?


  3. Kelsey, yes, I did. There are bits and pieces of my life in each of my novels. Plants run the other way when they see me coming.
    Janet, I don’t know what I would do if I found a snake in my house. We had one wrapped around our front door knob on the outside a few years back and that was close enough.

  4. Margaret, That happen at my mom’s one time and I bout put my hand on it before I saw it.
    IT Rain here, I could say that the rain dance did it, but I think IT was the prayers that was said in church last nite that did it!

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