Star Wars

» Posted on Jun 1, 2005 in Blog | Comments Off on Star Wars

I just got back from seeing the third installment of the Star Wars movies. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go because this was the movie where Darth Vadar was created. I knew this would be a movie where it appeared as if evil had won out over good. While watching it I had to remind myself in this fantasy good does triumph over evil in the end but that there are dark moments in this series–as in life. I believe good will overcome evil but that doesn’t mean that evil doesn’t have its moment in our lives. At the end there is a ray of hope for the future, so even though the Empire is formed, the Emperor and Darth Vadar haven’t completely stomped out the forces of good. I’m not giving anything away because we know what happened in movies four through six and how Darth Vadar returns to the good side. This whole series has always been a classic battle of good vs. evil and that’s probably why it has been so popular over so many generations. I remember going to the first one almost thirty years ago. Boy, how time flies!!