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I’m winding down my writing and getting ready to go on vacation. Please pray that my husband and I have a safe, fun trip. A few years back our luggage was lost going and coming from our destination. Not fun going around for several days wearing the same outfit. I always take a few items in a carry-on, but you can’t take too much, especially when there are two of you. Then of course, there are the delays at the airports, not to mention all the security checks you have to go through. Just getting to your destination is such a hassle nowadays. But I am looking forward to lying on a beach, soaking up God’s beauty, and reading a ton of books that I’ve saved for this trip.

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  1. Margaret, here praying that you and your DH have a safe,and loads of fun on your trip, soak up some sun for me ;-D
    don’t forget to take pictures!
    have fun

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