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I’m about ready to head out to speak to Tulsa Nightwriters about series and continuities. This will be the first time I only use notes, not a prepared speech. I wanted to see if the speech will flow better doing that way. I found when I prepare a speech I end up reading it more than anything. Speaking in front of an audience isn’t one of my favorite things. I’m trying to do some to feel more comfortable but I doubt I will ever be at ease. Do you ever find yourself doing things like that–pushing yourself out of your comfort zone? I’ll let you all know how it went.


  1. Saying a little prayer for ya, and I know what you mean about pushing your self out of the comfort zone!
    Go for it Margaret!

  2. I haven’t really pushed myself out of my comfort zone, because I am dead nervous when I play the piano in front of an audience. My heart is racing, the keys are slippery, my whole body is shaky.


  3. Going to Denver last year to meet a lot of people I had never met before was pushing me out of my comfort zone. LOL.

    As to speaking. I’m such an introvert that I hate it. But I kinda feel God is pushing me in that direction.

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