Favorite part of writing

» Posted on Jun 25, 2005 in Blog | 1 comment

My favorite part of writing is brainstorming on the plot. I love putting the pieces of a story together (like a big jigsaw puzzle). It’s so much fun when things fall into place. When a character begins to tell you what to write because you know your character so well is wonderful. Coming up with goals and motivations that lead to a compelling conflict is challenging and stimulates my creative juices. What do you like the most when you write?

What I hate the least is the description. I just want to get to the action and I have to make myself stop and set the scene. I have to admit when I read I often skip large chunks of description. What do you like the least about writing?

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  1. LOL I also skip the discription… and I’m told that I’m good with that. Go figure

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