Computer Woes

» Posted on Jun 15, 2005 in Blog | Comments Off on Computer Woes

I have two weeks to finish a book and guess what? My computer has decided to act up. Of course, it always happens at the worst time. Which brings me to what I’ve being thinking lately. What did writers do before computers? Well, I can answer that one because I started back in the dark ages before computers. I remember typing my first few books on a typewriter and having to erase your mistakes or retype the whole page. I always wrote the book in long hand first. I couldn’t think at the typewriter. Then along came computers–nothing like they are today but much better than a typewriter. Goodness, we could move sentences around without retyping! Or add a word or two in the middle of a sentence! Now we take all that for granted–until you are faced with a computer acting up and having to go without one until it gets fixed–which sometimes can be weeks. A writer without a computer for several weeks! Ugh! It is funny how fast we can become dependent on something. Here’s hoping my computer will stay together for a few more weeks.