Where to shelf Love Inspired books

» Posted on May 28, 2005 in Blog | Comments Off on Where to shelf Love Inspired books

I went into Barnes and Noble today. I don’t usually shop there but I was over by the store and I can’t resist stopping by a bookstore. One of my favorite places. I tried to find the Love Inspired books and couldn’t. I looked in the Romance section and the Christianity section. Finally I had to go to a person who worked there and ask if they had any Love Inspireds (the last time they didn’t so I wasn’t expecting them to have any since I couldn’t find any). But they did shelved in the religious section in ABC order under the author’s name. I signed the two copies of my book and turned one out. The whole experience got me to thinking–where should the inspirational romance series be shelved? With the other romance series? Or in the religious section? I have mixed feelings about it. Does anyone have a preference and why?