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» Posted on May 11, 2005 in Blog | 5 comments

I have a fellow Love Inspired writer and friend who is fighting cancer and needs your prayers. It doesn’t look good since her cancer has returned. Please pray for her.

Okay, I think summer is here a month or so early. The past two days it has been in the lower 90s. What is going on?!!!

What are you doing for the summer? Any special plans you’d like to share? I hope to go to a beach and lie around doing nothing for a change. I have been working two jobs (teaching and writing) this year and I’m definitely ready for a vacation–especially the not doing anything part. I love to travel but I have to admit my favorite places are usually in the sun on a beach. Mountains are nice but I love the water.


  1. Margaret,
    please tell your friend she is in my prayers,

    I know what you mean, just last week we were looking for wood for the stove, and now we have to have the air on.

    I think we will spend 2 days at the river,

  2. Margaret,
    I am so sorry to hear about you friend.. know that I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.. Such a hard year on every one it seems.. I am so glad that she has such a wonderful person like you to stand with her in her time of need!! I am so thankful that I got to know the writer that seems to inspire me and keep me in the special light .. You not only write well but in you books teach as well.. I have faith that God wil stand by your friend and give her the strenghth to carry on.. and to give you the strenghth to carry her thru as well..
    I have to say it was hot here today around 90 but had a cold front come thru and its only going to be 68 tomorrow.. lol I dont know whether to put on shorts or pants.. I have started tovtry and get my pool into action. but taking a little more time then I thought it would.. the surgeon that did my surgery over extended my bladder and now I might need more surgery to fix it.. hmm can you say ouchie? lol I am not even over the gallbladder yet.. but I do make a cute depend commerical. I was in Walmart the other day and my Aunt made me laugh and geesh I actualy peed all down my legs.. but what really got me was the fact that the cutiest little girl looked over and said to her Mom “look Mama shes not trained either.. now you know I laughed that much harder and started all over again.. the Mom was so
    I am hoping to go to the beach for a few days with the kids.. depending on if he pays me some child support..its getting ugly now.. lol.. would be nice to take them some where special this year.. I have to say my 9 yr old Samantha had to do a science project on a volcano.. my 13 yr old son helped her and wow what a job they did.. lol I could of cried seeing how well they did and how happy she was on how good it turned out.. We find out if Samantha will need surgery on june 1st so I am counting on not having to go thru that with her.. shes doing well and the hip only bothers when she overextends it.. so I am keeping fingers crossed.. to many things happened to me this year and think that God has been holding my hand thru it all.. and in this blessing he gave me you!! so all my prayers for your friend and aslo for you .. if you ever need any thing let me know.. hugs Alley

  3. Janice, thanks for your prayers and emails.
    Alley, you are truly amazing. I love your sense of humor in the face of difficulty. You have my prayers and thoughts. Please keep in touch.

  4. At the end of the month I’ll be going to Houston. Have all kinds of fun things planned there. I do believe they are planning on a trip to the beach too.

    I hope to do some more traveling this summer, but that is something I have to leave in God’s hands.

    And of course in September going to the conference in Nashville. God bought me my plane tickets there today. 🙂

  5. Oh forgot to mention, I’m praying for Janet.

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