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I have never been a particularly patient person and now more than ever I need some. If anyone has some words of wisdom, I could use them. As a teacher I generally don’t have any trouble with being patient, but in my own life I become impatient and wants things done right away. I don’t wait around to do things. When something needs to be done, I get it done so I don’t get anxious when the deadline approaches and I’m still not finished. But that’s not how others operate and that can be hard on someone like me. I will say long walks and a conversation with God helps. But I can still use a large dose of patience.


  1. Margaret,
    I had to laugh when you talk about Patience.. I don’t have it either.. take the Walmart pool, now you know you have to place it on level ground.. well my ground is mostly rock not easy to dig nor just even it I laid the pool out to see how uneven it looked.. my 13 yr old son Chuck was helping. Well it seemed like it was even until the water was going in.. I noticed one side wasnt getting enough water, so I had my son lift the pool and I dug it out.. well now its not bad but now we have a hole that part which throws the rest of the pool off. well now I have it half full and dont feel like starting over.. so now I tell the twins that is their special place to stand.. hmm patience never had any.. I did everything when I was married because it had to be done when I wanted it and not the month he decided it was good to do it.. Now I am paying for it.. I wish you luck on the journey of finding some one that has the cure for that one.. lol one of my many flaws.. praying for Janet !! hugs Alley:)

  2. Alley, you have such interesting stories. I love the way you look at life. Take care, Margaret

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