Graduation and summer

» Posted on May 24, 2005 in Blog | Comments Off on Graduation and summer

Last night as I was listening to the speeches of the two students at graduation, I thought about endings and beginnings. Life is full of cycles. Even in writing we have cycles where one genre is popular while another isn’t. Then soon it has changed. The readers are wanting the genre that was unpopular a year before. Right now I see several popular trends–paranormal, erotica, romantic suspense and inspirational books. What will the trend be this time next year? As writers our careers go through cycles, too. You can be a struggling writer one minute then selling like hotcakes the next. Or the reverse. I went through a down time in my writing career that has made me very aware of how precarious selling is. That can make long range planning sometimes hard. So is your life going through a beginning, a middle or an ending? What is next to you?