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» Posted on Apr 21, 2005 in Blog | 4 comments

Someone asked me recently where I wrote. I love my office. Years ago I painted the walls hot pink and trimmed everything in white. I didn’t think I would keep the walls hot pink long. I did. I haven’t gotten tired of the color. The color energizes me. My desk is next to the large window so I can look outside when I’m thinking. I have five large bookcases full of books–actually overflowing. I have a couch in my office that I often stretch out on and read. And the best thing is my husband started years ago framing all my books so they hang on the wall. Now I’m collecting flamingos as an accent for my office. After all, they are hot pink. I probably spend more time in my office than any other room so it is definitely a reflection of who I am–books and more books.


  1. Margaret, I can totally imagine your office and you in it. Hot pink is SO YOU.

  2. Well…I guess you don’t have to worry about hubby spending much time bugging you in there, eh? LOL

  3. What a fun looking office space!
    It looks like a wonderful place to work in. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Cindi

  4. Wow, Margaret! What a great office – – I LOVE those pink walls (Pink has always been my very favorite color). ~ And your decorated tree is a great idea….it looks like your office is a very pleasant place for you to write! Thanks for sharing this peek into your world.
    Blessings, Patti Jo 🙂

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