Making a list

» Posted on Apr 3, 2005 in Blog | 2 comments

I like making lists of things to do, things to buy. It keeps me on track–can’t you tell I’m an organized person–usually. But did I have one when I went to the grocery store today? No! My husband and I went to see an Inca artifact display at the museum this afternoon and really enjoyed looking at the old, old pieces of pottery and gold work. On the way home we decided to stop and get our food for the week. I thought I had bought everything I needed. I get home, and as I’m putting my groceries away, I come up with at least six items I needed and didn’t get. Six! I might as well not have gone. Now I have to go back. Lists are the answer. I just need to remember that in the future.


  1. Oh my Margaret we must be also need a list other wise I never get what I need.. I have gone there without one and actually stood in the aisle looking completely dumb .. which is nothing far stretch when it comes to me. love when you are standing there talking to yourself and some one actually talk back.. hmm think that shopping is not my thing.. hate to do that one chore.. Rather clean every ones houses in the neighborhood then go foodshopping.. also learned never go when you are hungry, because whatever diet you were on is no voided.. lol thanks for stopping by to see my Looney bin.. lol kind of fitting huh? well see ya tomorrow.. hugs Alley

  2. Alley, I think we are twins. I do not like to go shopping. Definitely a chore. Take it easy. Margaret

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