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» Posted on Apr 27, 2005 in Blog | 1 comment

Someone asked me if I belonged to a critique group or am I isolated in my writing. I have two critique groups I participate in. One has been in existence for over twenty years. The members have changed some over the years, but I have been with these writers a very long time. The other one I started last year and focuses on writing inspirational romances. I’m lucky to have a group of inspirational romance writers in my area and we meet once a month (in person, more online) to give each other support and input. I think a critique group is important not only for giving input into a project but also as support through the bad and good times. I also love to brainstorm and a critique group is great for that. But I will say it isn’t always easy to find people who can work well together. Sometimes a person won’t work and you have to try someone else.

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  1. “Sometimes a person won’t work and you have to try someone else.”

    Man, your telling me! I’ve gone through two crit groups. They were not a good fit at all. Of course I’m willing to take the blame too, I was probably to insecure in myself as a writer to benefit them or me in a group. so for the time being I’m crit groupless.

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