Character’s hobbies and interests

» Posted on Apr 12, 2005 in Blog | Comments Off on Character’s hobbies and interests

We can’t neglect what hobbies or interests are characters have. They shape a person’s life. I love to read books and often spend time reading. The books I read tell a lot about me. The same with a character we have in a book. Someone once said look at a person’s books to see what type of person he is which I think is true to a certain extent. Of course, if you look at mine, you will see such titles as DEADLY DOSES, MURDER ONE and other books about how to kill a person and believe me I only kill off my characters in my books. But the books really do tell about me–after all, I am a writer.

I’ve seen books that play on a character’s interests and often these are reflected in a conversation. Also, any special kind of talent is important. I’ve had characters who could sing and were in a chorus. Others might be painters. In my October 2005 book, THE CINDERELLA PLAN, the fact that my heroine is a closet painter who doesn’t display her work or show anyone is an important aspect of her character development. By the time the story is over she has not only shown the hero her paintings but given him one which he treasures for the huge step it is for the heroine in trusting him.

So when you think of your characters today, think about their belief systems and what hobbies, interests or talents they have that make them special and you can use in your story. What are some of the hobbies, interests and talents you have used in your stories for your characters?