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Okay, I need help. How do some of you make yourself exercise? I know it is good for me, but I don’t like to do it. If I do anything, it is walking in the neighborhood, but lately I’ve been so busy that it is hard even to find time to do that. Is there some magic answer? Is there something that is easy and fun to do? I think I know the answer–no. But I keep hoping there is an answer to those questions.

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  1. If you like dancing, that is a very good form of exercise. We need to be creative when we think of exercise. Because exercise should not be something dreaded. It is important for us to do. But we often think of it as just something too odious to do. We have to think of ways to exercise that are not normally thought of as exercise, such as dancing. Put on whatever kind of music you like, and just go to town.

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