Diet is a four letter word

» Posted on Mar 24, 2005 in Blog | Comments Off on Diet is a four letter word

It’s springtime and soon it will be time to think about pulling out our swimsuits. Ugh! Of course, that is if I can even fit into last year’s model. So with thoughts of swimsuits comes thoughts of dieting and exercising–two things I know I should do but I’m not too thrill to do. I do like to walk around the pond in my neighborhood, but my allergies right now are awful. I can hardly breathe as it is. If I went outside to walk, I’d probably have to be put on an oxygen tank when I got back. This is the downside to spring–pollination of everything!!! My husband complains if it gets any worse he’ll have to walk around in a plastic bubble. You know that plastic bubble is looking pretty good after about the hundredth sneeze.