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Okay, I’ll admit I watch Survivor. I love watching the interplay among the people on the show. So last night when the new one started, I was excited to be introduced to some new people. My one disappointment was the nicest looking guy left before the show barely got started. There is no way I could do what these people do. I can’t imagine (well, perhaps I can and it isn’t good) starving myself, sleeping on a beach with bugs and all kinds of other creatures crawling around, and constantly having to be on your toes and play a game. Oh, and not to mention having people with cameras following you around 24/7 then replaying it for all of America to see. No, I couldn’t do it. My hat is off to those competing for the million dollar prize. I’d rather watch in the comfort of my own home even though they are in a gorgeous part of the world.

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