Super Bowl Sunday/writing tip

» Posted on Feb 6, 2005 in Blog | Comments Off on Super Bowl Sunday/writing tip

I don’t usually watch the Super Bowl, so tonight I’m faced with having to read a good book–oh, the horror of it. My TBR pile is probably as high as my house. I can’t pass up buying a good book and hopefully finding enough time one day to read it. I could start my own public library (I have thousands and thousands). I don’t get rid of books after I read them. I love books which I guess is a good thing since I write them, too.

My writing tip: Take time for yourself and be aware of the signs of burnout. Stress will take its toll on you and your family. So I guess I need to look at that high pile of books to be read and start reading. Relaxation and free time isn’t a luxury but a necessity.