No snow/vacation

» Posted on Feb 2, 2005 in Blog | 1 comment

Well, we didn’t get any snow to speak of. We had school and my students were disappointed they didn’t get out for a snow day.

I’m trying to decide where to go this summer for our vacation. I prefer somewhere warm, possibly a beach with mountains nearby. Does anyone have a neat vacation spot? We have to leave town or my husband will end up going into work. I firmly believe you should take time off from work every year. I work hard but I believe in taking vacations and replishing myself. I love to sightsee and drink in the culture of the place I’m visiting. My husband complained once that he had to drive 700 miles on a small island (he drives a lot in his work) in a week’s time.

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  1. Hi Margaret ,
    Lol I was reading about needing a nice place for a vacation.. well Carolina Beach is a nice place to go.. You dont even need a car there.. most of every thing is in within walking distance.. such as the beach and the diners and even (have to laugh) a gas station.. the prices are reasonable and most hotels are right off the water.. hope that helps you.. hugs Alley

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