Characters winning/promotion

» Posted on Feb 12, 2005 in Blog | 2 comments

So far characterization is winning. Yeah!! Don’t get me wrong if you don’t have the characters doing something interesting then I won’t keep reading. As a writer, however, I would love to know what others think. I’ve enjoyed the comments left as well as emailed to me. Thanks for taking the time.

Today I’m heading out to a big Valentine’s Day booksigning at Borders with 7 other writers. I love meeting new people, but I’m not a salesperson. I’ve never been comfortable promoting my own books. I love writing them, though, but promotion is hard for me. How many people out there can sell swamp land to someone as a vacation home? There are some people out there who are so gifted in being able to sell a product. When talent was handed out, I miss that line.


  1. Hey Margaret,

    I remember memorable characters long after I for get the plot. So I’m voting for character driven beign the most important.

    Toodles, Squirl (Cheryl Wyatt)

  2. Yep have to agree character driven is the most important! for me anyway.
    You may have missed the being able to sell a a product line, but you more than make up for it in the writing department!

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