Characters winning/promotion

» Posted on Feb 12, 2005 in Blog | Comments Off on Characters winning/promotion

So far characterization is winning. Yeah!! Don’t get me wrong if you don’t have the characters doing something interesting then I won’t keep reading. As a writer, however, I would love to know what others think. I’ve enjoyed the comments left as well as emailed to me. Thanks for taking the time.

Today I’m heading out to a big Valentine’s Day booksigning at Borders with 7 other writers. I love meeting new people, but I’m not a salesperson. I’ve never been comfortable promoting my own books. I love writing them, though, but promotion is hard for me. How many people out there can sell swamp land to someone as a vacation home? There are some people out there who are so gifted in being able to sell a product. When talent was handed out, I miss that line.