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This is a new show that started on Sunday after the playoff game and will move to Friday nights this week. I was excited to see a little different slant on the FBI/cop show and was looking forward to seeing this show about using math to help solve cases. The premise is interesting but definitely over my head. Math was never my favorite subject in school. Guess what was? English then history. There was some parts of science I really enjoyed, but I didn’t like math. I did it and thankfully can usually balance my checkbook, but it was definitely not going to be my vocation. I did enjoy the show and think it might be a good one. I admired the writers trying to explain the math concepts and how they could be applied to a situation like a serial killer. But to tell you the truth I don’t know if what they presented was right–again way over my head. What was your favorite subject in school? Any math geniuses out there?


  1. You asked on my blog about how I know the number of people that come to my blog. With BraveNet they have a thing that tells you, in your account settings. it even tells you where the people come from, like if someone clicked on my link when I posted it on Steeple Hill… it would show me it was from there. Blogspot doesn’t have anything like that. not for their free service. they do for the paying bloggers. I saw on Cynthia Cooke’s blog that she had a counter on hers. there are websites that have free counters, but I don’t know how they work. hmm clear as mud? 😉 hope that wasn’t to muddled for you.
    Favorite subject? I always got straight A’s in all of the subjects, so I was pretty good with them. But I think English was my favorite subject. which is odd considering I am terrible at it now, LOL.
    I think I kinda liked Numb3rs, but need to see a few more episodes first.

  2. Hi Margaret (and Heather!)
    I watched Numb3rs, too. Even taped it for my kids who wonder what they’ll ever use this stuff for. Anyway, the sprinkler concept wasn’t new to me, I’d seen it before on Forensic Files, but adding the two hotspots thing was. I’m not sure how they managed that one. I love the character who used to play John on Allie McBeal, so I’ll tune in again to see what they do with him. I’m hoping for a little more characterization with all the characters. I think the FBI guy is a little dull, and his brother a little scary. I didn’t like when he got so angry/frustrated. Anyway, I’m finding Blogger exceedingly difficult to use. But I did find how to add a counter in the help section. But it took me at least an hour to figure out how to add a picture this morning. I wasn’t happy!!
    Welcome to blogging Margaret!!! Love your blog!

  3. Heather and Cynthia, thanks for your input about the counter and blogging. I am not a techie so all this takes a while for me to figure out. After a few weeks of Numb3rs we will have to discuss we think about the series. I’m always looking for something a little different with good in depth characters.

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