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» Posted on Jan 19, 2005 in Blog | 2 comments

I love Wednesday night when Lost is on. This show has sparked my imagination. It is different than most shows that are on television and the characters are very interesting. Every once in a while there will come along a TV show that isn’t the same old fare. We have a lot of police and medical shows. We have our night time soap operas. Lost is not any of those. I am intrigued by several characters–okay, quite a few of them. The doctor. The brother/sister team. The man who used to be in the wheelchair. The woman who was being taken back to the United States by a US Marshal. The con man. What is your favorite character on the show? What is your favorite show?


  1. Lost is my favorite show too! JJ Abrams is a genius in my opinion. He has created a show that keeps you guessing, with a wide range of interesting characters and a great hook at the end of each episode. All your favorite characters are mine. Except I think I like the con man the best. His character, you just know there is more to him than we have seen. And give him a shower… with those dimples he is gorgeous! 😉

  2. Heather, last night was another great show. They are so good at having cliff hangers at the end of each show. When the lady who is pregnant appeared, we couldn’t see if she’d had her baby or not. And with the writers of this show, you can never tell which way it will go.

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