» Posted on Jan 22, 2005 in Blog | Comments Off on Help!

I was trying to add a picture to my blog but I don’t think I can. I am a Mac user and I think you have to have Windows and a PC. Does anyone know if that is true? I have to admit I have a lot to learn about computers. I know there is so much more I could do but sometimes it seems overwhelming and I don’t have enough time to wade through the instructions. Have you felt this way? I love my Mac and won’t trade it in for a PC. It’s so easy to use and dependable. But with everything there are a few downsides to having a Mac. Of course, if I had a PC, I’d be tempted to play more games because more are offered at the store but I don’t need that. Playing games can be so tempting when I need to work and write. See I’m here writing in my blog instead of on my book. Boy, some days it can be so easy to avoid working. Have a great weekend.