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I have two cats, both strays at one time, who I have decided rule my house. My older one is a male who loves to eat and has the weight to prove it. I don’t know how he manages to jump up on some pieces of furniture. On one bookcase he pulls himself up with his front legs. Sheer determination on his part. It’s amazing. I keep thinking he’s going to fall but he manages somehow–have you ever noticed how cats love to get on top of the tallest piece of furniture in the room? The other one is a female and much smaller but boy does she have Ringo wrapped around her paws. It is so cute to see them chase each other and wrestle. And I must say Ringo, the male, sure needs to run some. These are the first two cats I have ever had. Before that I have always had dogs. Which do you prefer as a pet–a cat or a dog?


  1. Definitely prefer dogs. I have never liked cats. But to each their own. LOL

  2. Heather, I love dogs, too. I was surprised I would enjoy cats as much as I have. I had a stray one follow me home that I couldn’t not take in. Ringo has brought me a lot of laughs and comfort.

  3. I can’t choose between a cat and a dog. I have a white cat named Angel, and she is soooooo cute!!
    But I also want a golden retriever someday.

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