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Excerpt from Yours, Mine and Ours by Margaret Daley

»Posted on Jun 20, 2013 in Book Excerpts | 0 comments

The wail of the siren pierced the air, drowning out the deafening sound the muffler was making. Tess Morgan looked back in the rearview mirror, groaned, and eased up on the accelerator. Parking on the side of the road, she saw the motorists passing her and thought about taking her daughter’s blankie and throwing it over her head to hide from their curious stares. The color in her cheeks reflected the red lights flashing behind her. “Why me? Why now?” she muttered while she watched the police officer step from his car. The officer strode toward her. His tall, beautifully proportioned frame struck her first, but that observation fled quickly to be replaced with a series of others—his fierce, commanding countenance; his casual way of moving that...

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